Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My art

Are you wondering what to get for birthdays? Are you sick of getting vouchers for your kids? Well  buy the all new cylinder art that's only $10. Now how does that sound for a cylinder but wait There's more you can buy one and get one free. There's also the amazing note books and they are only $12 and that's not all you can also buy a card pack $12. The other thing you might be interested in a 15 dollar diary.  

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Learning muscles

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am so happy to be blogging about some learning muscles. The one I have been trying to improve the most is the absorption. I am okay at it but sometimes I need a bit of help with it. The learning muscle I want to improve on the most is my interdependence muscle. Other learning muscles that I am working on are noticing, perseverance, managing distractions, imitation and collaboration. 
So that is all for today. I hope you are working on your own learning muscles. See you next time.
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am so happy to be telling you about my learning task witch is my color poem I have put my best effort into it my color was purple I think I put really descriptive words into it my favorite sentence was  the crystal in the cave  I hope you like it and that's  all I'm going to be blogging about. See you next time. 

Purple is the color of a fluffy blanket patiently waiting for me to snuggle up in it.
Purple is the color of a light balloon slowly floating along in the air.   
Purple is the color of a scooter dangerously dropping into the bowl.
Purple is the color of a computer case quickly getting zipped up for fitness.
Purple is the color of a shinny crystal glimmering in the cave as the glow worms slowly light up the cave.
Purple is the color of an evil minion dangerously taking over the world.
purple is the color of some sparkling nail polish slowly getting brushed against your shinny nail.  

 did you like it ?