Friday, 28 July 2017

Maori hand games

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will
be blogging about Maori hand games. I did it in room 6 the first workshop i did was the string I  all  ready new how to do the waka and bird but the one i didn't know how to do was the jelly fish 
 and it was really fun learning something new because  I found it quit challenging to learn. The next workshop I did was the  knuckle bones one and this one I had never done before and it was really challenging for me I found chucking one up then picking the one on the ground up then catching the one I threw up  easy. After the knuckle bones workshop we learned how to play hipetoytoy witch was the game that you use your thumbs  to play and we also learned how to play hey tumatuma.           


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will  be blogging  about my reading so lets get into it. Encase you didn't know My reading group is Yoda. The books I have been reading at home are called hot dog witch is about a sausage dog who has a big adventure. The other book I have been reading is called the midnight gang witch is about some kids who were in hospital and had made a secret gang .

Anyway thanks for reading my post i hope you enjoyed it. Bye see you guys next time.


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my gymnastics because I love sharing my stuff with you guys. 
Anyway I go to Hastings central gym witch is located at Hastings Central school. I am in step two and my favourite thing at gym to go on is the bars but the one I'm  best at is probably vault and floor. 

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed it bye guys. πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸ’ž   

Maths Week 2

hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my maths week two i really enjoyed it and i found it quit easy. The thing I enjoyed was doing the adding. the only thing I found challenging some of the areas. here is my task photo of it.


  • two twins (rainbow + karamea)
  • gummy (Julius)
  • skittles (lauryn)
  • lolly pop (liske)

One sunny morning me rain lauryn and Julius just got to school. We were on our way to put our bags away when suddenly a huge lolly pop grow out of  the ground. I stepped forwards to lick  it  but it turned into liske "hi liske" said gummy"  "call me lolly  pop".  Anyway come with me she pulled us down though the ground.  I closed my eyes  this couldn't be happening when she stopped pulling us through the ground  i open my eyes  and i saw a place that i'v always wanted to go to candy-land it was amazing there were mountains of ice cream the clouds were candyfloss there were ginger bread houses everywhere it was a child's best dream.  
Image result for candyland

The first thing we did when we got there was run towards the ladder that leaded up two the sky. "WAIT!! before you go and eat all the clouds your names can't be rain gummy karamea and lauryn  your names have to be a candy land name". Then we all made up a candy land name. My name was candy floss rains name was rainbow lauryn's name was skittles and Julius's name was gummy. After that we all ran back to the ladder. Candy floss is my favorite candy. When everyone had finished eating two of the clouds we all ran back to lolly pop. Wow look over there shouted rainbow there was a big  bunch of giant lolly pop. trees. I ran over there to climb the lolly pop trees. NO don't you cant just eat everything you see i know it's exiting to be here but i need to show you why i dragged you here. Now follow me. Lolly pop took us to a place on the edge of candy land were candy land was rotting away. "Okay but just to let you know lolly pop there's nothing we can do about              


I have really enjoyed  the fitness we have been doing. The first time we did it I did 6 laps. Then the second time we did it I did 7 laps. The next time we do it I am hoping I will do  at least ten laps.